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Sports Massage

Regain your mobility

“I was scared that I was going to get battered during sports massage, I didn’t and feel good”

“I’ve failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

BWB Fitness sports massage treatments are to help your body recover, not make things worse. I apply the correct amount of pressure for the appropriate treatment.

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Get in natural body shape back

Lower back

Posture Assessment

A postural assessment can also be known as a postural analysis or alignment assessment, this is an observational assessment that is carried out as the first step of a full physical assessment.

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Get stronger everyday

Olympic lifting

S&C coaching

We need to write something about oly lifting bud

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Get in serious shape

Glute/Hip Band

BWB Fitness glute/hip resistance band is being called “The Game Changer” Want to add resistance to your glute, hip, and leg workouts?

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    Push your limits

    BWB Fitness glute/hip resistance band is being called “The game changer” add resistance to your glute, hip, and leg workouts?

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    Gym Clothing wear

    BWB Fitness is an ambassador for FABActivewear. Gym clothing that keeps you comfortable through any workout. Discount code BWBfitness10.

    Look good & feel good

    Muscle Foods

    Shed those pounds

    BWB Fitness ambassador for Muscle foods. Nutrition packs that help you get eating under control. Fitness is not just done in the gym, it’s done in the KITCHEN as well.

    Get your nutrition on point