How to perfect your Olympic Lift

BWB Fitness will help you with your technique to perform the perfect lift

We have all experienced those difficulties when it comes to lifting weights, we’ll help you lift them correctly. 

What is Olympic Lifting?

Consists of The Snatch and Clean & Jerk Lifts. Uses full body range of motion. Goal is to lift max weight to improve explosive power.


Olympic Lifting

The Snatch

Start with feet under the bar, just under hip-width apart with toes pointing slightly outward, knees in line with toes, feet firmly planted into the ground. Place hands wide and use hook grip, into almost squat position, hips above knees, back flat, arms straight with arms rotated forward, shoulder blades locked together, shoulders in line with bar and knees.
Keep chest up and head looking forward, keeping spine in line.


Olympic Lift

1st Pull

Slowly pull bar up to knee height, extending through knees keeping hip and back position, bar in line with shoulders.


Olympic Lift

The Hit

Extend in upward explosive motion, bar reaching hip crease, use power through hips to help upward rise with bar, extend more onto tip toes.


Olympic Lift

2nd Pull

Continuation of explosive upward motion, pull the bar close to the body, lead up with elbows doing a high pull.

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